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His Hands Support Ministries


His Hands Support Ministries is an Christian organization dedicated to raising financial support for children and adults in other countries to get schooling, clothing, and medical help.

We got involved with His Hands Support Ministries when our founder, Eric Tompkins, joined them on a missions trip to Guatemala. He then joined them over the next few years on a few trips to Haiti as well. During that time he became aware of their need for a better website and decided that we would donate our time to them to help them achieve their mission of helping children with schooling, food, clothes, medical supplies, and learning about Jesus. At that time they raised support in about a half dozen countries. Since then they have expanded to 18 countries.

The goal with the website was to set up something simple where they can have a mini site for each country. Within that mini site they would showcase the ministries going on in that country, the children and adults in need, how to donate, a trip gallery, and other information. Each country site is themed to match the national colors for that country.

We are proud to help support this organization and the work that they do world-wide and we continue to donate our time to help them with their website.