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Maine Trail Finder

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The Maine Trail Finder website is an awesome resource for hiking, walking, skiing, biking, and multi-use trails in Maine. It's run by the folks at The Center for Community GIS (CGIS). Because they are GIS professionals, all of the trail information on Maine Trail Finder is high quality, which also means that the website is very popular.

This is our third iteration of the website with CGIS. The goals this round were to

  • modernize the UI
  • improve the trail information shown
  • incorporate account features such as recording trail logs, liking trails, and adding trails to a wishlist
  • incorporate a community calendar that gets associated with different trails
  • add a blog
  • add sponsorship features to the website to enable CGIS to continue to maintain the site

CGIS worked with a designer named Julianna Stoll on the graphical design. We then took those designs and built the website. We love working on the trail websites because they are always pushing the envelope with functionality, are challenging to build, and are different from a lot of other websites.

The new Maine Trail Finder website has been positively received by the community and we continue to work with CGIS on expanding its feature base.