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Website Design Portfolio

Mt. Blue School District


This project started out as just doing a new website for the Mt. Blue High School and it quickly turned into redoing the entire school district website and all of the individual school websites.

Mt. Blue High School originally contacted us to design and build them a new website. Their old website was powered by Google Sites and it was complicated to maintain, did not reflect the school's branding and vision, and was very inconsistent. For budget reasons they chose to use one of our website templates as the base design of the site. We got the new website nearly built and was then contacted by the new IT director for the district to discuss redoing the entire district website and all of the district school websites. It was decided that we would expand the new High School website to be used as the district website. Each school would then have their own section of the website.

Consistency and usability were top goals for the new website and we delivered. The new district website has a consistent look to it and as you navigate to the different school websites you know that you're part of the same school district.

The new website also features some helpful functionality for students and parents.

  • There is now a comprehensive directory of all staff within the school district. You can search by name or browse alphabetically. When you are on the school websites you can also browse just the staff for that school.
  • The school calendar consists of Blue and Gold days that dictate when students go to school and what classes they take. We developed individual calendars for the different schools to make it very clear which days are Blue days and which ones are Gold days. This is something that the staff can easily maintain.
  • The entire district site uses a blog for posting news updates on the website. Each post can be organized by category so that when you're on the individual school main page only the news posts for that school show up.

Overall the new website has been well received and has improved the school districts ability to communicate with students and parents in the community.