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Premium Email For Your Business

Email Solutions For Small Businesses

Our email hosting service is powered by Rackspace's enterprise-level email platform. Premium email packs a complete personal information management system into a compact, easy-to-use interface. Business email users have different needs and requirements than personal users. Email clients like Gmail® or Yahoo® are great for staying in touch with friends and family, but when your business relies on email, you need more.

For Users

  • Access to mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes from one webmail application
  • Use our easy webmail client or a desktop client, like Outlook®, Mac Mail or Thunderbird®
  • Access mail on your iPhone®, Android®, Windows® Phone or BlackBerry® device
  • Optional Mobile Sync for Hosted Email
  • View/share/edit users’ calendars in webmail
  • Share webmail calendars outside of your domain with iCal® support
  • Easy, user-controlled undelete feature in webmail recovers purged email for up to two weeks
  • Maintain and track task lists in webmail
  • Create group contacts lists in webmail
  • Company-wide contact lists in webmail
  • Up to 25GB mailboxes
  • 50MB attachments (about 500 JPEG images)
  • Mail filtering controls and enhanced searching in webmail
  • Optional email password synced with Active Directory® login

For IT Departments

  • Easy, web-based control panel administration
  • Redundant, clustered server pairs
  • SSL encryption available
  • Add/delete/restore mailboxes from control panel
  • Desktop client compatibility
  • User ability to undelete purged email
  • Domain & mailbox-level spam and virus filters
  • Optional email archiving service
  • Optional Active Directory synchronization

Email Solutions For Growing Businesses

Your email should be infinitely scalable. The ability to add or remove mailboxes, handle jumps in email traffic, and send and receive on demand are integral elements of what you get with our email service from Rackspace.

Plan for Your Expansion

Whether you’re adding 5 or 5,000 mailboxes, Rackspace has the system architecture in place to scale to your needs. How? Utilizing advanced software design and servers in multiple data centers feature massive amounts of excess capacity. And, you can add or delete right from the control panel.

Plan for Traffic Spikes

When email traffic spikes, you won’t miss a message because your server chokes on the increased volume. Load-balanced, clustered, single-purpose servers support inbound and outbound traffic. On demand reserve server capacity to manage message volume.

Plan for Accessible Email

Your mail data lives on servers with an identical twin. In case of an outage or disaster, you have two live copies of mail data immediately available and an offline backup. Rackspace's servers sense failures and quickly divert traffic to the operational twin server.

Email Spam Filtering & Virus Protection

With our email on Rackspace's platform, you get exceptional support and affordable, feature-rich business email and the strongest threat detection structure in the industry. They combined the best threat scanning capabilities with industry leaders in spam and virus protection. Before a message enters your mailbox, it undergoes four independent, threat blocking scans:

Threat Blocker #1: Gatekeeper Scan

Gatekeeper scans to evaluate a message’s compliance with rigorous, internationally recognized technical standards. Messages are also checked against aggregated blacklists of known spam offender

Threat Blocker #2: Message Sniffer

Utilizing user feedback and enhanced pattern matching, Message Sniffer annihilates over 98% of spam in real time.

Threat Blocker #3: Cloudmark Advanced Fingerprinting

Combining advanced message fingerprinting and the Global Threat Network, Cloudmark’s comprehensive system not only stops spam and phishing attempts; it also accurately identifies and annihilates viruses.

Threat Blocker #4: Clam AV

Incorporating a three-layer virus scan on all incoming messages, Clam AV targets deceptive measures senders use to mask viruses, compares the message against known virus definitions, and evaluates attachments for possible viruses.

Maintaining this comprehensive level of threat protection could cost you thousands of dollars a month to maintain. As a our customer, these protections are free with every mailbox you add.

HIPPA Compliance

At this time Rackspace does not offer encrypted storage of emails so it is not HIPPA compliant.


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Email Pricing

Our email accounts start at 1GB in size and can go up to 25GB in size. 
Pricing is for each mailbox per month.

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Email Add-Ons


Email Plus

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Hosted Exchange Pricing

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Email Migrations

We can migrate your email from another provider to Rackspace's platform for $7 / email account.

Email Solutions For Your Business Needs

Whether you are looking for a secure email to handle a small amount of communication or you’re an enterprise level business, Aptuitiv has the solution for you. Call or contact us today to see how we can help your business.