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Design Flexibility

Aptuitiv enables you to create the unique look and functionality that your website and business needs.  You can also customize the editing experience to fit the unique requirements of your content.

You are free to create whatever you want for a design and use whatever CSS or Javascript libraries you want.

Bring Your Own Code

You have complete control over all aspects of your design and how your website is built. Enjoy full access to your own HTML, CSS, Javascript and other assets for your website.

Templates are powered by Twig, an elegant and powerful templating engine. We've taken it a step further and added our own features to give you more flexibility and power in your templates.

Custom Fields

Define your content with custom fields. Not every site has the same content needs so with Aptuitiv you can choose from over 45 different field types for your content. 

The usual field types like radio buttons, checkboxes, text fields, select menu, and rich text editor are included. You also get image uploads, maps, file uploads, and media embeds. 

We've also added a number of convenience fields to make it easier to integrate Content Snippets, Forms, Collections, and other content on your pages.

And for the developer, you can populate checkboxes or select menus with API data from other parts of the website. For example, include people from your staff directory when adding a blog post to associate posts with employees. You can then display related posts on their profile pages.