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SEO Features

Aptuitiv has a lot of SEO features built right in. No plugins needed.

  • SEO friendly URLs that you can customize.
  • Fast loading sites.
  • Complete control over robots.txt.
  • Insert custom header code for individual pages.
  • Easily create 301 redirects.
  • Full control over all content.

Full control over page titles and meta descriptions

For all pages you can easily configure the page titles and meta description. You can also bulk-edit the page titles, breadcrumb text, and meta descriptions for pages all at once.

With your website apps, like a blog or store, you can use Twig variables to dynamically generate the page titles. You can also choose to have the meta description automatically generated from content for the app item, or set it for each item.

Within your Twig templates you can programmatically set the page title and meta description.

No matter how you want to do it, you have full control over your SEO, and it's all built-in.

Automatic sitemap.xml creation

The sitemap.xml file is automatically created for you based on published content. You can however, customize the content in the sitemap.xml. For each page you can choose whether or not to hide the page from search engines, and customize the change frequency and the weight.

For apps like a blog, gallery, or calendar, you can choose which parts of the app to include in the sitemap.xml file. For example, you can choose to not include category or tag pages. Or, you can completely exclude all of the content from an app in the sitemap.xml file.

Image Alt Text Control

Setting the image alt text is important for SEO and for accessibility. With Aptuitiv you can do this for all images.

You can even programmatically set the alt text for images in your templates if you want to.